Augustus Young       light verse, poetry and prose
a webzine of new and unpublished work



Survival, poems, New Writers Press, Dublin, 1969, 12 pages
On Loaning Hill, poems, New Writers Press, 1972, 80 pages
Danta Gradha, courtly love poems from the Irish , Menard/Advent Books, 1975, 14 pages
Danta Gradha, new edition, Menard/ Advent Books, 1980, 15 pages
Rosemaries, a verse sequence on childhood, Advent Books 1976, 20 pages
Rosemaries, new edition, Labyrinth Books, 2008
Tapestry Animals, children’s poems (drawings by Brenda Rudolf), Menard Press, 1977, 14 pages
The Credit, Book One, narrative poem, Menard, 1980, 36 pages
The Credit, Book Two and Three, illustrated by John Parsons, Menard 1986, 71 pages
Adaptions from Brecht/ Mayakovsky, Hardpressed poetry, 1989, 10 pages
ABC of Inflation, version of a Brazilian cordel, Honest Ulster publications, 1991, 10 pages 
Lampion and his bandits, Literature of the Cordel in Brazil, Menard, 1994,  73 pages
Lighning in Low Places, poems, Cranagh Press, 1999, 20 pages
Days and Nights in Hendon, poems, Menard Press, 2002, 16 pages
Light Years, auto-fiction, London Magazine Editions, 2002, 312 pages
Storytime, auto-fiction, Elliot and Thompson, 2005, 159 pages
The Secret Gloss, a film play on the life and work of Kierkegaard, Eliott and Thompson, 2009, 102 pages
Diversifications, poem and translations (Mayakovsky, Brecht), Searsman Books, 2009, 87 pages
The Nicotine Cat and other people, auto-fiction, Duras/ New Island, 2009, 237 pages
M.emoire, poems and prose (with French translation by Mireille Ribere), Menard/ Duras,
2014, 80 pages
The Invalidity of all guarantees, a conversation between Brecht and Walter Benjamin (1934),
Labyrinth Books, 2016, 215 pages. Also an ebook
Brazilian Tequila, auto-fiction and travelogue, Troubador, 2017, 156 pages. Also ebook 

Heavy Years, inside the head of a health worker (Quartet Books, 2018, 299 pages)

The Credit, revised narrative poem (Duras/Menard 2018, 108 pages)

Danta Gradhas, revised 3rd edition (Duras/Menard 2021)

The Pilgrim’s Progress, novella (Amazon, 2022)

The Making of a Pure Poet
. VOLUME ONE OF Things that Happen when Reading Rilke (Ashgrove Publishing, London 2023): 

The Prodigal's Progress: the man that didn’t want to be loved, a novella (Amazon, 2022), 

Brecht and Rilke: equals and opposites, selected poems (Duras/Menard, 2024)