Augustus Young       light verse, poetry and prose
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Augustus Young was born in Cork, Ireland, worked in London as an epidemiologist and now lives in France. His first collections of poems, Survival (1969) and On Loaning Hill (1972), already manifested a departure from the ‘reach for the shovel’ tendency in Irish writing. Since then he has regularly published collections of poems, including Danta Gradha: Love Poems from the Irish (1975, 1980), the three-part extended verse work The Credit (1980/1986) and Lampion and His Bandits: Literature of the Cordel in Brazil (1994). This period is covered in detail in The Oxford Companion to Irish Literature (1996).  

More recent poetry publications include Diversifications (2009), a revised edition of Rosemaries (2009, first edition 1976), Days and Nights in Hendon (2002) and Lightning in Low Places (2000). He has  also published many scientific papers.  

The widely acclaimed autofiction Light Years (2002), his first full length work in prose, was followed by Storytime (2005), The Secret Gloss: A Film Play on the Life and Work of Soren Kierkegaard (2009), and The Nicotine Cat and Other People (2009),m.moire (2014),The invalidity of all guarantees (2016), Brazilian Tequila (2017), Heavy Years – inside the head of a health worker,The Credit’, an opera in search of its music (2018).

Augustus Young’s poems and prose appear in anthologies and periodicals in Ireland, America and the UK, and international online reviews (Cyphers, Sniper Logic, Books Ireland, London Magazine, Hopscotch, Modern Poetry in Translation, Leviathan Quarterly, Arete, Ars Interpres, Stand, An Sionnach, New Hibernia Review, Temporel, Golden Handcuffs, Carte Allineate etc).